Men’s Skin Care Special Offer!

Hey fellas!  If you follow me on Twitter, and I assume that’s why you’re here, I’ve finally been encouraged enough to spread the word about the fantastic MKMen line by Mary Kay.  As a woman, I am passionate about the health of my skin.  It makes me feel more confident.  I can’t imagine that it would be any different for you, and for most men it’s hard to find products that REALLY help them accomplish what they need in skin care.  So I come to you with this special offer, that’s 100% guaranteed or your money back!  After having perfect skin my whole life until having my daughter, Mary Kay was the only thing that truly worked in getting my skin not only back to normal, but better than before.  If you watch my videos on YouTube, you’ll notice that my chin has frequent breakouts.  I guess I should say had.  Anyway, the point is that it works.  And it’s awesome!  So here’s what I’m offering to you:

This ENTIRE Package Valued at $74.00 + Tax.  It’s all yours for just $62.50 + tax.  There will be FREE shipping and a personalized 8X10.  I will also send a coupon for 15% off your next order!  Also- ask me about options for your ladies/mom/sister/aunt.  No time to wait, I’m only running this special for a short time.  Just click the paypal button below to order.  Items will ship within 2 business days and be there promptly for you enjoy!  If you need anything else let me know.



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  1. However, I would rather trade it for a pink Dodge Dart or Duster with a 340 cubic inch magnum engine.

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