Ashley’s Tell All

Hey guys!  Hope you’re all doing wonderfully!

Last night I made an announcement about my new site on which I will be telling my whole story.  It starts off where I ended with the stories on here, and the stories are more detailed and graphic.  It will beupdated weekly with a new awesome entries .  Every once in a while I will add pictures as the stories go on.  I’m so excited about this!  I explained everything on my YouTube channel.  You can click to get to get to it from The menu up there ^!

And check out the site here:


Thanks y’all! Xo





One thought on “Ashley’s Tell All

  1. You are so much prettier than those girls — I’m not belittling their talent. just merely expressing my opinion. Btw, I’m really looking forward to reading about your experiences in the world of adult film. It’s something Ive been fascinated with ever since the film “Boogie Nights”. In your opinion, do you think that movie (albeit a work of fiction based loosely on some guy’s life in the adult industry is realistic?

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