Hooking You Up- Literally.

I’m so excited to finally be able to tell you all about this new venture I’m involved with. Now, yes, I do have more traditional views on dating. I believe in going out, being at the right place at the right time- at the same time as your soul mate. Your eyes meet, you fall in love instantly, and it’s happily ever after. But these days, its getting harder and harder to make that happen. This economy is providing for busier lifestyles. Business women and men that travel and work all the time. Single moms or dads that dont want to go out and meet someone and would rather rely on the technology of a site to weed out the ones they wouldn’t want to bring into their home. Not to mention, they may not have much time put themselves out there all at once. These avenues allow them to go as fast or slow as they’d like. And there are people out there that would like a more mainstream site, like a social site, to fit their individual needs as well. A site that doesn’t make them feel singled out. These two brand new, innovational sites are good for anyone. And just in time for Valentines day. Come one, come all! Men, women, singles, couples, gay, straight, bi, swingers, sugar mommas, sugar daddies. We want to hook you all up! And have fun doing it!

If you’ve seen my Vlog on YouTube, you’ve already heard my involvement and what I think is great about the sites. But here are the bullet points of each site so you guys can read them and maybe understand better:
Click on the site names to go to the sites!

First “social” dating site.

Social tools not on other sites.

Find your match through a patented contextual search engine-Awesome technology!

On & offline events- ones that I will most likely host and hang at.

Special discounted travel excursions for couples and groups- one of my favorite features for the ones who find love long distance.

Referral program – earn money by referring your friends.

Put “ASH” in the referral code box when you register so I can have a hand in your experience


Invitation only dating & social networking community.

Similar to asmallworld.

Must apply for admission – Looking for successful, interesting, well-rounded, attractive individuals.

It’s like belonging to an exclusive country club or being let into the cool clubs in Hollywood.

Everyone from entrepreneurs, to personalities, (even some of the adult girls), to all kinds of different professionals. Not just looking for rich and pretty. It’s more about what makes you unique.

Put “ASH” in the description box when you apply.

Your privacy is taken very seriously. Everything is discreet and professional.

Thanks guys! I’m excited to help everyone find what’s right for them! I believe we should all have true happiness no matter what. And I believe, with these sites, we will achieve that!



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  1. Hi Ash, i thought u hv chngd a lot n hav bcom a wndrfl gal. Why so much into ths mony mkng strategy. Jus dont lik ths., usng evryone 4 busnss.

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