A goodnight after all…

Tonight was the last night of my skype/phone calls. It was a bitter sweet end, because I loved doing it and meeting everyone. Everyone has such amazing things to say when you just listen.

I’ll admit, things in my life haven’t been perfect. But who’s to say what’s perfect, right? In ways we make our own perfections and happiness. But lately, it seems I’ve met our buddy “short end of the stick”.

Tonight, going to bed, I was in such a solemn mood. Not to be a big crybaby, but sometimes we need to just be the way we feel. Whatever is organic to what we are going through. I grabbed a few oatmeal raisin cookies, a glass of milk and headed to bed. When I got in my room it was dark and I didn’t have a free hand to turn on the switch. So I walked through the blackness to put my snack down and turn on the lamp on my night stand. And, as Newtons Law would have it, I of course stubbed my pinky toe when rounding the footboard of my bed.

I sat my things down, (a little annoyed naturally), turned on the light, and just like that my entire outlook changed. My 15 month old daughter left her baby in my bed- head on the pillow and sheet pulled up to her neck. In retrospect, I now know why she didn’t come immediately when I had called her when I was doing laundry only a few steps away. Already, at that young age, she’s applying love and nurturing to something she holds dear to her heart.

How can I ever be sad or stressed when I have such a wonderful little being with such a huge heart in my life? There’s so much pride in my heart right now knowing that she is the way she is. And she’s already done more positive for me than I could probably ever do for her.

So now I will go to sleep the happiest ever. And I will every night for the rest of my life knowing that pure, true love will always prevail. And it does pass on, no matter what age.

Goodnight everyone! I hope you all go to sleep with true happiness and gratitude in your heart.



12 thoughts on “A goodnight after all…

  1. hello Ashley ,you are such a wonderful mother.i don’t know her name ,but she is lucky to have a caring and loving mum.i reckon God should smile upon you both ;you deserve the sunshine and all happiness.i wish you both the best of luck .bye.Andrew.

  2. Dear Ash, here here. Once again you remind us of what life is all about. Appreciate the little things and the big things will take care of themselves. It’s a joy to have gotten to know you. I appreciate that. You make my world better. Rick luvs U

  3. As always, you struck me as a very honest, caring and loving person!

    Love and you will be loved!

    Thanks for sharing and take care!

    Love from Sweden

  4. Makes us all stop and remember the little things in life…my nephews do the same for me. Take care and good night…

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