They think it’s the Sky…

Walking through the cold, concrete visitors tunnel at Texas Stadium, I quickly realized that I wasn’t far behind the Packers who had just entered the field in front of a large and very noisy crowd.  Entering the field and walking behind the endzone and to the visitors sideline, I passed the photographers and press that were there to cover the game.  I overheard them chattering about the playoff match and one reporter was even interviewing a very young Brett Favre.  But I was standing right there.  It was like no one could see me, but I was definitely there.  I could smell the air.  It was cold and crisp with hints of concession food, sweaty men and people lighting up cigarettes on the sideline.  I guess in 1995, this was allowed.  I knew it was the 1995 playoff game for many reasons.  Mike Holmgren was there, looking young and much more energetic.  He was compiling his papers of plays on his clipboard and adjusting the sound on his headset.  I saw Barry Switzer across the field.  And the Dallas Cowboy team who at the time had the power players Aikman, Smith, and Michael Irvin.  And there they were, all of them.  Right in front of me.  I looked around at the Packer team, and Favre was done with his interview talking to his teammates.  The press and photographers were all over Holmgren and Favre, almost like the rest of the team didn’t exist.  In the dream, I was standing right in the middle of all of this, and I could hear everything, and see everything clear as day.  As clear as I’m sitting here trying my best to describe a dream in writing.  You try it, it’s hard!  Anyways, as much I wanted to reach out and touch someone right in the face, and feel the flesh to prove to myself I was really there, I kept talking myself out of it.  And then, standing to my right on the the Packer sideline with me was Erin Andrews.  And it was like she and I had known each other forever.  She had her microphone in her hand, and she was dressed in clothes circa 1995.  As was I.  And she says to me

That’s about it.  Are you ready to go now?

Yeah.  I’m ready now.

I replied, so naturally.  And just as if her microphone was magic, we were traveling through a wormhole really really fast.  So fast that I couldn’t breath.  But I didn’t need to.  Whatever plain or field or dimension we were traveling through didn’t require breathing, or talking.  We communicated to each other without having to speak, and we had a conversation that was so effortless and advanced that I can’t even compile what was said.  But we emerged at the bottom of the ocean through our wormhole (or whatever you wanna call it) and swam to the surface.  Again, not needing air.  And the time it took to swim miles to air was pointless.  Meaningless, life had no meaning and time had no value.  At the top, we were met by a group of competitive swimmers.  And just like in any silly dream it was of course like we belonged there.  We knew everyone in the class, and I was even in love with the instructor who was 60 years old.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that, or age is a factor.  It just stuck out in my head because he kept saying 60.  As if that were a significant number.  60 has never had any meaning to me.  It’s always been 627 or 1027.  Anyways.  After our session, we were all gathered on the doc near the wharf.  One of the students was a very old woman- 90’s would be a safe guess.  She suddenly stopped taking in air and the gasping and convulsing of her body was indicative that it was her time to go.  She took her last shallow breath, looked up to the sky and then to the water and said

They think it’s the sky, but here’s where I’ll be.

She leaned over, threw up all over Erin Andrew’s lap, then fell into the water.  We all watched like this was a normal thing- to just let a body fall into the water and float off.  But here, wherever we were, it was.  And we watched her float further and further down.  We watched her soul leaving her body and swim so quickly away it was like it could’ve created an underwater sonic boom.  And by the way, her soul looked nothing like her.  It looked nothing like anything.  It was just a bunch of glowing particles made up of the most beautiful colors I’ve ever seen and never in a million years would I be able to describe.

I don’t know why Erin Andrews was in my dream.  And I don’t know why I was at the 1995 Dallas/Green Bay playoff game.  It’s obvious I’m a packer fan, but I haven’t thought about that game since I watched it when I was 10 years old.  I don’t know.  It could’ve been any reason why I had this dream.  But I really wanted to get it out and share.  I think there are a lot of symbolisms, and a lot of meanings behind it.  I’ve had a lot of time traveling dreams and they always have the same things in them.  One recurring thing is water, and the ability to live, breath and communicate without using any energy whatsoever.

Please share similar dreams!  Maybe I’ll post my dreams more often.




14 thoughts on “They think it’s the Sky…

  1. Well, Ashley, that is quite a dream. I bought a book that was supposed to explain dream symbolism but would not put too much stock in their analysis. I think our own lives, our experiences all work together to create our own symbolism. Will we ever figure it out? Who knows? Dreams are weird things by nature. But it is a great plan to try and record them, if you can recall. Should make for some interesting points for self-reflection….. Or maybe write a series of silly books that will net you millions of dollars =)

    I have had some notable dreams but sadly, they tend to be bad dreams. Perhaps from all those years as a paramedic and a police officer. But to keep the mood light, I shall from refrain from sharing…. Unless you want to hear about some.

  2. that’s really amazing that you can remember the playoff loss to the cowboys during the 1995 season. most of us packer fans have a mental block of that game

    god i hate the cowboys

  3. Hi Ashley
    My dream is beholding ashley (sorry for my bad English , I want to say my dream is see’ing my dear ashley!!! But I don’t know how I can say it)
    My Second dream is peace between all countries in the world and health for all people.

  4. My name alto, iam your biggest fans.. I have 60’s of your dvd’s and clip.. Can i buy your 1st dvd’s?? I really want it for my collection.. Lika a band, it is unperfect if i didnt have the 1st album… Please respect me as your biggest fans..

  5. Wow! Now that is a dream! Funniest part old lady throwing up in Erin Andrews lap. Best part not minding and being in love with the swim instructor who was 60 ( Because I’m 61). I remember my dreams also. I dream in color to. Thanks for relating yours. Luv U Ash, Rick

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