Thanks for your help!

Okay it’s kind of a questionnaire.  This will help tremendously with a new possible project I’m putting together for you guys.  Any and all answers will be amazing, so thanks, again, in advance! Love you all!

Who is your favorite girl in Adult, who’s a natural beauty, that can also act?

What are your top 3 favorite TV shows right now?

How long is “too long” for a TV show to run?

When a show gets you hooked, how long is “too long” to go between watching the next episode that you start to lose interest?

My favorite TV show has my full loyalty because it has____________


Looking Forward to all of your answers!



32 thoughts on “Thanks for your help!

  1. Let’s give this a shot:
    1. If I assume the answer to this is the same person and not multiples, I think Alia Janine seems to be the most natural actor, which is one reason I like her.
    2. Top 3 on TV: Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Countdown with Keith Olbermann
    3. Too long for me is over 2 hours, then I start to get antsy.
    4. Maddening is when I have to wait over a year like Mad Men now. If it’s a cliffhanger they really can’t go more than a couple of months before I lose interest.
    5. …good, tight writing with a focus, well-developed characters that I care about watching, and an interesting overall character/plot arch (LOST got me this way, as an example).

  2. 1. Ashley, of course
    2. Bones, Chuck, Supernatural
    3. Depends on the storylines and how good the writing continues to be.
    4. Usually a couple of weeks
    5. Good storylines and character interactions.

  3. Favorite girl in adult, natural beauty, who can act (besides you of course!): Stormy Daniels
    Top 3 TV shows: Dexter, Game of Thrones, Big Bang Theory
    “Too long” for a TV show to run: Not really a specific time period, but when it’s reached the point that the plot always feels recycled or the characters have no further development possible, it’s been on too long
    How long is “too long” between episodes: A couple of weeks. I hate the tendency for shows to take “fall breaks” where they’re off air for a few months–I forget what was going on!
    Why Dexter has my full loyalty: the dialog is snappy, the characters behave in realistic manners, and the plot is always full of surprises

  4. Faye regan, Asa akira
    Modern family, the office chopped
    More than 1.5 hours
    One week
    Good comedy

  5. Favorite Adult Star: Katie Angel.
    Three Favorite Shows: Big Bang Theory, 2 1/2 Men, O’Reilly Factor.
    Too Long Running: 10 years or more.
    Between Shows: Over a week (hate pre-empting programs and off season time).
    Full Loyalty Because: Great writers.

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