Fabulous Friday Start of Fall Daily Picks!

In the spirit of Fall, I’ve combed my catalog for what I believe would be perfect for any Autumn wardrobe. Your girl will LOVE these pieces. And love you even more for getting them for her. You may even get to give an extra “pearl necklace” out of the deal, kid. What are you waiting for?

The three pieces I love are:
Frenzy Earrings. They’re sexy, stylish, and can be worn to work or out for happy hour.

I like necklaces that go far down the cleavage to accent perky breasts. Kind of dress them up, so to speak. This Clasique Necklace is so perfect for that this Fall. And the same goes for this one when it comes to wearing it casual, or for a night out with a low cut dress.

And lastly- the matching Classique Bracelet. It, to me, says this women is confident and stylish. She knows what she wants and she’s going to get it!

Get these separately or in a set, or piece them together as you please. All while pleasing HER. Also- if you buy two items from my store now, you can get up to 4 additional items 50% off!! So buy two in this set, and get the third half off. And browse the store for up to 3 more items she’ll love to wear for you and get those 50% off, too.

Happy spoiling!