From the Bottom of My Heart, Thank You!

My dearest, beautiful fans and friends-

You guys have always been so supportive of me.  Some of you have been there from day one, and have been behind me through everything.  My start, my finish, my growth, and now my new stuff.  And for the folks who are new to following my journey, I thank you just the same.  I just wanted to take some time to say that you guys never fail to amaze me.  Regarding the new site (that’s coming SOON), you’ve been so patient even though you’re eager.  You’ve proved your loyalty by signing up for the newsletter and subscribing to the YouTube channel.  And there are SO MANY of you!  Thank you.  I promise to keep you happy! =)


And now with the jewelry.  I didn’t expect such an amazing response so fast, but you guys never let me down.  The sales just prove to me that you guys trust me, and really stand behind my ventures and businesses.  I’m so grateful that I’m almost at a loss for words.


I know this is short, I just always want you guys to know what you mean to me.  And again, I promise your satisfaction.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!










7 thoughts on “From the Bottom of My Heart, Thank You!

  1. Ok. I say my request here Ashley , because it’s older post and I think here is better to say that!!! I want a sharp postal address from you with postal code and your complete name , I want to send to you a remberance (token or anything you called it!!!) because I always have this wish that one day I can see you from near (proximate !!! I don’t know what you call it 😦 !!!)
    But unfortunately it will not happen and I want to send to you a remembrance. Because it’s true I’m so far from you , but I love you my lovely sister since 5 years ago and i love you most since your retirement. Please accept my request Ashley and send me that if you ًteust me. It’s my email:

    I’m waiting … Please pleaaaaase send it.

  2. Hi Ash first of all u re a very good personality and thanx for the sharing ur journey with them aaaa i don,t know what i say but at the last thanx.

    best wishes for ur any mission

  3. Hi Ashley, l recently read up about your story- thanks for being you! I keep a blog and such right now too– I’ve been exploring it as means of living for awhile, and I’m glad to share a resource with you about blogging, online marketing, and stuff. Maybe you can use it to enhance your jewelry business.

    Just google the Warriors – forum; there is a thriving IM community there; I’m just one of thousands who share encouragement and know how.

    Its where I learned how to make my blog on toasters as well…
    Best wishes,

    PS I’ll check your blog again soon!

  4. Ash, not surprised at the positive reaction. You are a beautiful women inside and out. Being true to ones self still rings true in this day and age. Your blog and teaser vid are just excellently done. They show a great intelligence behind that beautiful face. Deciding whats good for your little one and standing tall for it, illustrates your courage. I salute you. Keep up the good work. Rick luvs U

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