My Girls Love Jewels

Per my newest announcement on twitter, I have launched a great venture; a jewelry business. Through the awesome company of Lia Sophia (who makes incredible, durable, affordable pieces and have many celebrities that wear our stuff) I will be showcasing many great jewels for you to buy for that special someone. There are a lot of great promotions all the time, and on going discounts through the holidays and more.

So how will this tie into, you ask?

Well, if you’ve ever wanted to buy your favorite girl a nice piece to wear while your watching her in a hot solo, or a nice necklace to hang just between her perfect, perky breasts in beautiful pictures, This is the place to make that happen. Soon, I will be announcing the next two girls that I will be shooting, and you will have the opportunity to buy her a piece from my show and have her give you a special shout out with the jewelry on in the behind the scenes.

Until then- remember, I’m still doing photos for the site, too. So you can purchase some jewelry you’d like me to have and wear. AND you can purchase something nice for my launch girls, Kristina Rose and Taylor Vixen. And as I mentioned before, this can be for someone special in your life. Or that girl you’ve been trying to impress for some time now. Trust me, this jewelry is beautiful and quality stuff. It’s elegant and charming. Just like that one you love.

Here’s what you do-

Just go and browse the selection. Be sure you check out “My Wish List” for things that I personally love and recommend!

Thanks guys for all your support and loyalty. Together, we will do great things! Be sure you submit any questions you have in the comments section of this post, and I’ll be happy to guide you through anything!




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