Ash is Going Inside

Everyone should already know of my retirement from being in front of the camera.  My choice to retire and live a different life has proved to be a very rewarding and joyous time.  And although I’m no longer entrenched in the fast-paced lifestyle and persona that one must uphold to be in that business, I still have a lot of stories to tell.  And so do all the other girls I got to know along my journey.  Although I’m forever done as a “performer”,  my perspective outside of that world is totally different now that I’ve stepped out and lived differently.  I don’t have any negative feelings, only the idea that I want to provide an outlet for these girls, my ex-coworkers, to be able to tell their story.  The real story.  Sure there are companies that interview them now.  And they do a fine job.  But what I’m doing is allowing the girls to open up beyond their “porn life” and give their favorite fans (you guys) the truth behind the person.


So the website will be  I’ve got a super great developer working on building it now.  It will be very sleek, smart, sexy and very user friendly.  Next week I will be doing a shoot for the “art work” of the site.   It will be my first photo shoot in nearly 2 years.  I plan to do many sexy photo shoots for the site, but none nude of course.  There will, however, be nude shots of the girls that come on to be interviewed.  As well as a sexy solo to add to their section of the site.  This will all be done in a very beautiful, mystique manner.  I believe that there is still some mystery in sexuality, even though these girls are giving themselves to you for a living.


I’m not going to give too many details right now.  Soon, the news will be on radio, news and multiple other outlets to get the word out.  But you guys have been so good to me, and so supportive even when I made the choice to stop what I was doing.  And that really inspired me to do this for myself and the other girls  so that you can have the same understanding about them as you do me.  And together, we can bring a new opinion to the business and show the world how truly real these girls can be.   That’s why I wanted to tell you all first in a more intimate manner.  I wanted you guys to hear it from me, first.


Before, upon, and after launch, I will be interacting with you guys.  I want your feedback, opinions and thoughts to help make this site amazing.  The site will also have an interactive chat/forum for us to chat and let you guys get in on some of the action.  I’m going inside, showing you guys what it’s all about.


Upon going live, I have several of your favorite girls that are ready to take part.  This E! True Hollywood Story-meets-adult will be thriving with interviews, hot pics and solos for you to download and have for your very own collection.    There is also something for my more “mobile” followers.  But that news is for another day.


There is something to be said for the constant support that you guys have given, and for inspiring me to do this.  So I want to say thank you.  From the start until now you all let me just be me and respect me for that.  Now that I’ve moved on with my life, I’m ready to start this part with you guys.  I’m ready to be out there again, But this time just as me.  Just Ash!


Stay tuned next week for more exciting updates, news, features, and hints as to what’s to come of the site!  I’ll post any and all news pertaining to the launch so that you’re always in the “know”.

Thanks again you guys!

Honesty Always,