The (first) Time I posed Nude

Bart and Sissy were alright people. They were business owners, parents, hard workers, and they dreamed big. I always liked that in a person- to have ambitions. Bart was a bit younger than she was. She was also previously married to Bart’s oldest brother who was killed in a car accident by a drunk driver. The loss brought them close. So close, in fact, they were married and had two kids of their own. So now there were six of them, because she had two kids with his oldest brother before he passed. Hope that wasn’t so hard to follow.

They had nice cars, a nice house, and their kids were very well taken care of. They told me of this idea to have a magazine that would start revolving around Oklahoma’s entertainment news (there wasn’t much at that time), hottest women, etc. They discussed this idea with us several times, and asked me to model for them as their first girl and promised me the cover. Considering that every thing they’d previously done had been somewhat of a success, I found it to be an alright thing to do. They were good friends, and I like helping people out.

I thought my guy would discourage it. Instead he suggested I may try to loose a few of the extra “comfort” pounds I had gained since we married. Now, that may sound a little asshole-like, but it was true. I did get a bit comfortable. I think my highest weight was 135. Which by all means is NOT fat!! But for me, on my little 5’2-on-a-good-day frame, it was a lot. After working out every day for 9 plus years for cheerleading then suddenly stopping, my muscles went in to freak out mode and had no choice but to turn into lovely Coors Light love handles.

There was no time for me to attempt to lose the weight. They were ready to start immediately.

I can do it. After a few beers, I’ll be comfortable to do it. No big deal.

We sat aside a saturday evening to do this. We would shoot it at my house which I loved dearly, but really didn’t think it was suitable for it. But hey what did I know? That morning I cleaned really good. Part because of nerves, part because my house always had to be as clean as a sterile hospital. As I cleaned, my husband went to the store and bought a couple of 20 packs of Coors Light bottles, and some food for after it was over. I showered, fixed my hair, and did my makeup. And let me tell ya something, I am not skilled that department now. Imagine how much of a novice I was then.

I thought I was looking pretty good. I dug out some of my old Red Dog uniforms, most of which no longer fit my new figure, and laid them out for us to choose from.

When they got there, I was very distant. I remember everyone (but me) unloading the truck full of lights, gear and camera equipment. I’d never seen anything like that before, and thought that Bart was right. He talked her up because she really does know her stuff. That eased the nerves a tad bit, but they still kept jokingly telling me to relax and loosen up. That I’ll be great and it’s not that big of a deal. Even my husband was trying in his own way to be encouraging, which was nice.

As she sat up her stuff in my tiny living room, she figured out that there was only one shootable wall, and I’d be against it pretty much all night. The boys left us to ourselves and sat outside in the garage with the door open to the neighborhood and chatted it up. Sissy tried to ease my nerves a little more. She wasn’t doing as good of a job as that third or forth beer, though.

And just like that, it was go time. I stood, probably stone cold expressionless, posing for her camera. I thought I was looking good, but the more pictures she snapped off, the more I relaxed. And the more I relaxed, the more I realized how bad the earlier pictures must have looked.

She was a smoker, so about every 30 minutes we’d break so she could light up. I’d throw on a robe, grab a new ball player, and join them in the garage. She took her camera out with her every time to show Bart what she’d gotten so far. Which I thought at first was kind of weird. Then I thought

Oh hell, Ash, they’re in business together. Of course she’d show him.

He seemed very pleased with what he was seeing. Overly pleased actually. And she had MUCH pleasure showing him. I was leaning more toward my first instinct after a couple of comments and eyebrow raises were made.

After one of many breaks like this (and about 2 hours into it), she felt the need to show me a magazine. She pulled out a nudey mag that I’d never seen, only passed in the gas station from time to time. As she flipped through it, I got so uncomfortable.

Oh my god. She’s going to ask me to do THAT. I just know it. I can’t do that.

These girls had huge toys inside of them. And I, frankly, was just not ready for all that.

But she didn’t ask me to do those things. She flipped all the way to the back of the magazine to a section that featured amateur photos, and a contest to win to be in the magazine if you’re voted for. She then tells me that she sees a lot of potential in me and really thinks we should take some shots to send to this magazine. I’d have a real shot, and she’d get a piece of the money, too.

AH what the hell. I actually enjoy this! Let’s see what happens.

I told her. And for the rest of the night I had a new found confidence, like I was working for something, or well… trying to win something.

After we were done and my little living room was put back to normal, we all enjoyed a few more cold brews and some food. Well, every one but Sissy. She refused to drink a drop after the accident if she were to be driving. And no one can blame her for that. I actually admired it and felt her hurt all at the same time.

The shoot took place in september of 2005. She sent the pics in to two different magazines (Gallery and Easy Rider), and we didn’t hear anything back. Not for what seemed like forever anyways.

After Christmas shopping one cold night in December the husband and I stopped at the Olive Garden for dinner. I had just gotten my delicious alfredo dipping sauce when Bart called my cell.

You’ve got to go right now and get the Gallery Magazine. Your picture is in the back for the contest, and they gave you the most space.

I told my husband that as soon as we’re done we’re doing two things. 1-getting the magazine. 2-celebrating.

When we got home with the plastic wrapped magazine, I was excited and nervous all at the same time. But that’s normal. Who wouldn’t be. Here you hold a publication of your first EVER nude photos for the public to see. It’s nerve wracking.

I flipped all the way to the back and low and behold there I was. In all my naked, sort of tanned, needed to hit the treadmill, glory. I really didn’t know what to say or do. And all he could say was

Yep. That’s you.

Yep. That was me. A version of me anyways. And we’d hear back that I won the contest that next month.

By then we’d moved from the little house into a big nice house. I kept the first one to rent out and have as an investment property. But this new house was GREAT. Wish we had it for the photo shoot. There wouldn’t have had to be so many close ups!

I got the call from 2 magazines in one day in Janruary. The other didn’t hold a contest, just saw the pics and wanted me to model on one of their featured custom bikes. I arranged to come out for 6 days and shoot for both of the companies in one trip. This was my first trip to LA, and my first experience shooting for “legit” magazine companies. I tried really hard to get into shape and have my hair looking good.

Those two magazines were Easy Rider and Gallery. Every once in a while, a wonderful fan will surprise me with one of these to sign. How on earth they knew it was me is beyond me. I used my real name, “Ashley”, and looked totally different. But hey- I’m not complaining. That was the start of something very cool for me. And what would take place on that trip would just start the new phase.

Here’s a link to the gallery magazine! I was the July 2006 girl!


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  1. Interesting post. I’ve got to say you and your life experiences are simply fascinating. I’ve always wondered what the road to the adult film industry was like, and who the performers were before and after.

    Every one has it in there mind what girls like you must be like, but it is so awesome to find out that the stereotypes couldn’t be more wrong sometimes.

    I can’t say I was your biggest fan when you were a performer, but learning enjoy has given me alot of respect for you, and for what you’ve done.

    After reading your blog about the car lot I had force myself not to beg for advice on car sales. Im staying out in that field and sometimes I just feel lost. But your story really inspired me. I try not to be that typical car salesman, to be honest and hard working, and sometimes it seems like that is not appreciated or believed these days. Nice that it can work, or at least that it did once upon a time.

    Can’t wait for your next post!

    And sorry for the super long comment

  2. Thanks for sharing another great story 🙂

    I usually don’t read so much but since i’m a fan and all, I read them all.
    And they are just amazing.

  3. Wow This is getting Good! To bad I did not subscribe to any of those magazines.Damn the Luck.

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