Hi everyone, I’m Ashley!  Some of you know me as an ex-sex industry performer.  I started in the business as Ashlynn Brooke in September of 2006, and ended what was a pretty good stint in January of 2010.  After being retired nearly 3 years, I look back on those 4 years and take what I can to learn from it and leave the rest far behind.  A lot of you have followed my journey from the very beginning.  Some of you are just now learning.  Either way, I want to be recognized for who I am and not that persona that was portrayed that long ago, and for a short period of time.  Here, I will share with you my regular life stories and amusing thoughts, recipes, and more.  Please, let’s keep the talk about my past to a minimum here.  If you want to learn about my past, I highly encourage you check out my tell all site here! You can read all about it, and ask questions there.  And from this point on, I’m looking on and up.  Join me in my everyday life (with some still kept private out of respect for my daughter and new happenings).  Thanks for all your support!


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240 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks Ashley for sharing with us your life and experiences.
    I look forward to reading more about what you have to think about and about your past and future.

  2. As much as we’ll all miss seeing you, we can all respect your choice and you’re still one of the most beautiful women in the world! Much love!

  3. Hii Ash,

    This is Sumanta from Calcutta,India, thats very very far from u, but i alwz feel connected by ur so friendly behavior and girl next door attitude…u r doing great in life and i wish very best for u…i wish we can be great frnds… 🙂

  4. Ashley, love the new blog it’s great to hear the truth and honest story of ur life, look forward to reading more. Follow me on twitter @gavindenton from Ireland xx

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